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Your Ultimate Guide for Healthy Living

  • Yael Rubin

All About Me

My perspective is that we all can experience more joy and fulfillment in our personal and interpersonal relationships. Together we can gain insight and focus, take on new directions, achieve and find greater life satisfaction. I facilitate this process through emotional, experiential, spiritual, and educational support, where together people learn to better meet situational stressors, such as loss, financial struggles, life transitions, and habitual patterns. People begin to see their lives holistically and know their personal power. Together, we work to fully realize the empowerment, enhancement and enchantment that are the true nature of our being.

I am committed to providing quality growth and health services. I work with the emotional, behavioral and physical challenges individuals and couples face, while seeing the profound, creative and unique potential people have for change. I work with couples and groups, using researched techniques, attachment awareness, biofeedback and emotional regulation, stress reduction exercises.

I have a strong background helping individuals and couples build the kinds of lives they want through encouraging introspection, increasing motivation and learning skills. I have 16 years of experience in psychotherapy, utilizing assessments, biofeedback, teaching and research. Additionally, I provide volunteer services to families facing loss and special needs.

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